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Rajat Mishra, the Director of Rajasthan United Football Club, is a former national-level player with a strong background in sports and business management. With a B.Com degree from Delhi University and an M.Com in Business Management from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Rajat brings a unique blend of sporting expertise and managerial acumen to the club.

As a former national-level player, Rajat understands the intricacies of the game and the importance of player development. With a vision to create a vibrant footballing ecosystem in Rajasthan, Rajat is committed to establishing the state as the next footballing factory of the country.

Rajat’s vision revolves around identifying and nurturing young talent, providing them with world-class coaching and training facilities, and offering a platform for these players to showcase their skills. By fostering an environment where players can flourish and realize their potential, Rajat aims to catalyze a footballing revolution in Rajasthan.

Under Rajat’s leadership, Rajasthan United Football Club strives to create a legacy of excellence and make the state a powerhouse of Indian football. Join us in this exciting journey as we work towards creating a thriving footballing ecosystem and making Rajasthan a prominent hub for the beautiful game.