Welcome to Rajasthan United Soccer School, where we offer professional football coaching right in your neighborhood! Our aim is to provide a safe and secure venue for children to learn and enjoy the beautiful game of football. We believe that every child who joins our centers should have the opportunity to learn and play the RUFC way!

At Rajasthan United Soccer School, we prioritize the well-being of our young players. Our venues are carefully selected to ensure a safe and secure environment, giving parents peace of mind while their children participate in our training programs.

We offer regular weekly training sessions, allowing children to develop their football skills consistently. Our training programs are designed to cater to specific age groups, ensuring that each child receives age-appropriate coaching and guidance. This approach enables us to nurture their abilities and help them progress in their football journey.

Our coaching staff consists of highly professional coaches who are experienced in working with young players. They are not only knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the game but also passionate about instilling important values such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship in our players. Our coaches provide individual attention, mentorship, and a positive learning environment for all participants.

One of the unique advantages of being a part of Rajasthan United Soccer School is the opportunity to get selected for the RUFC Academy. Our coaches closely monitor the progress and potential of our young players, and exceptional talents may be offered the chance to join our prestigious academy. This opens doors to further development and exposure in the world of football.

Whether your child dreams of becoming a professional football player or simply wants to have fun and stay active, Rajasthan United Soccer School is the perfect place to nurture their passion for the sport. Join us and be a part of our vibrant football community, where we strive to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all.

Enroll your child today at Rajasthan United Soccer School and witness their growth, both on and off the field. Let us guide them towards becoming confident, skilled, and well-rounded individuals through the beautiful game of football.

Coaching Team

Nurturing Talents, Building Champions

The Inspiring Message from the Head Coach of Rajasthan United Soccer School

I am thrilled to be addressing you as the Head Coach of Rajasthan United Soccer School (RUSS). It is an honor and a privilege to work with such a talented group of young players who have shown immense dedication and passion for the game.

At RUSS, our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality football coaching experience. We want to create an environment where you can develop your skills, enhance your understanding of the game, and grow both as individuals and as part of a team. Our focus extends beyond the field, as we aim to instill important values such as discipline, respect, and sportsmanship in all aspects of your life.

As your coach, I am committed to nurturing your talent and helping you reach your full potential. Together, we will work on improving your technical abilities, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning. We will challenge you to push your limits and set new goals, while always maintaining a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Remember, success in football is not solely measured by trophies and victories. It is about the joy of the game, the friendships you build, and the lessons you learn along the way. Embrace every training session and match with enthusiasm, determination, and a hunger to improve. Celebrate your achievements and learn from your setbacks, for they will shape you into stronger players and individuals.

Mohammed Ashiq

Head coach U-18 ( AFC-B License Holder )


Utkarsh Sharma

Admin Head

Abhilash Prajapat

Admin Team

Hrishikhesh Kharat

Team Manager

Shantanu Shinde

Residential Manager