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Leadership at its Finest - Meet Our Esteemed CEO

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Dinesh Negi, is a visionary leader who guides us with his expertise and unwavering passion for success. With a remarkable career and extensive experience in the sports industry, Mr. Negi brings invaluable knowledge and insights to our organization. His leadership style fosters an environment of growth and innovation, propelling us towards new heights.

Mr. Negi’s wealth of knowledge and experience serves as a tremendous asset to every member of our team. His strategic thinking and deep understanding of the industry contribute to the development of effective strategies and the execution of successful initiatives. He consistently challenges us to push boundaries and strive for excellence, inspiring us to reach our full potential.

Prior to joining our organization, Mr. Negi played a pivotal role in the establishment of Sudeva Delhi FC’s residential academy in 2015. His contributions were instrumental in the team’s successful debut season in the Hero I-League in 2020. These achievements showcase his ability to drive organizational growth and elevate teams to new levels of performance.

In 2021, Mr. Negi embarked on the RUFC project, further demonstrating his commitment to revolutionizing the football landscape. Under his leadership, we are confident in our ability to make a significant impact in the sport and achieve our ambitious goals. With Mr. Negi at the helm, we are inspired to embrace challenges, seize opportunities, and forge a path of success in the football industry.


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