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Owais Khatib, born on September 1, 1997, in Maharashtra, India, is a skilled midfielder currently playing for Rajasthan United Football Club. At the age of 25, Owais brings experience and versatility to the team’s midfield.

As a midfielder, Owais plays a crucial role in controlling the flow of the game and linking the defense with the attack. His vision, passing ability, and tactical understanding make him an integral part of Rajasthan United’s gameplay. Whether it’s distributing accurate passes, making key interceptions, or dictating the tempo of the match, Owais exhibits great composure and decision-making skills on the field.

Having honed his skills in Maharashtra, Owais has showcased his talent and earned a place in Rajasthan United. His dedication to the sport and constant desire to improve have contributed to his growth as a midfielder. Owais’ technical proficiency, combined with his ability to read the game, allows him to make significant contributions in both the offensive and defensive aspects of play.

Representing his country as an Indian citizen, Owais takes immense pride in wearing the Rajasthan United jersey. He embraces the responsibility of representing the club and strives to deliver performances that inspire his teammates and fans alike.

Owais Khatib’s presence in the midfield adds stability, creativity, and balance to Rajasthan United’s gameplay. His ability to control the tempo of matches and contribute to both attacking and defensive phases of play make him a valuable asset to the team.

At 25 years old, Owais still has room to grow and develop as a midfielder. His commitment to Rajasthan United is evident in his performances, and he is determined to make a lasting impact on the team’s success.

Owais Khatib’s journey represents the aspirations of young footballers in Maharashtra and India. His skill set, work ethic, and passion for the game make him a player to watch out for. With his contract extending to May 31, 2025, Owais has the opportunity to continue making significant contributions to Rajasthan United’s midfield and play a pivotal role in the club’s pursuit of excellence.