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Kamal Singh Saroha, a dedicated Director at Rajasthan United Football Club, holds a B.Tech degree from JECRC University and an MBA from Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology (SKIT). With his passion for the game and strong educational background, Kamal is instrumental in driving the club’s vision forward.

Kamal firmly believes that talent knows no boundaries and can emerge from any corner. He is committed to identifying and nurturing young players with immense potential, ensuring that no talent goes unnoticed. Recognizing the need for change, Kamal has already initiated investments in grassroots football programs and coaching clinics, creating a vibrant footballing culture in Rajasthan.

With a focus on long-term sustainability, Kamal aims to establish a robust system that will help Rajasthan United Football Club produce world-class players. By investing in talent development from the grassroots level, the club aspires to generate a steady stream of talented individuals who can excel on both national and international stages.

Kamal invites the continued support and encouragement from football enthusiasts as the club endeavors to achieve its goals. Together, let’s empower the young talents of Rajasthan and build a legacy of excellence on the football field.