About Us

Welcome to RUFC Residential Football Academy, a platform where rising talents train with the finest in football. Home to young athletes from across india, RUFC Residential Football Academy nurtures passion and aptitude for sports with international grade training, a sports-science driven curriculum and an impeccable faculty of international and national coaches.

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TK Chathunni
Former indian National player, Former Coach of Mohun Bagan and Churchill Brothers

Having played football at the highest level possible, i was immediately able to identify RUFC's academy as entity to look forward to in the future due to its potential. i wish them all the best and try to help them in any way i can!

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Raju Lal Choudhary
DSP RAJ. Police, indian National player, Pro Kabbadi League Player for Bengaluru Bulls

I Can already predict how the RUFC academy will bring Laurels to the state of Rajasthan and the entire country. i've been impressed by their dedication and their vision. I only wish them the best for their future!

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Magan Singh Rajvi
( Technical Advisor, Chief Mentor ) Former indian National Team player, one of india's top Goal Scorers.

The RUFC Academy is a big step forward for football in Rajasthan. The state has a plethora of Talent and potential and i believe that RUFC will help in unlocking that potential using their professionalism and determination.

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Dilip Singh Shekhawat

(Rajasthan Football Association Secretary)

“ It is a new beginning for Rajasthan Football. The way RUFC is developing professionalism in young players and bringing professional coaches in the state will definitely help Rajasthan as a state to shine in the upcoming years. I congratulate them for their initiative and it is going to be a milestone in the upcoming years. ”

Kailash Khateek

(Rajasthan Football Association Treasurer)

“The inception of Rajasthan united Residential FC is a step forward for Rajasthan football and football in our country as a whole. This will bring forward and grow the talent in the state and give them the talent in the state and give them the training required to be one of the best. i’m thrilled and very excited to see what RUFC will be in a few year from now.”

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Rajasthan United Residential FC has a strong belief in its Rajasthani roots and wants to develop a strong connection with the local population. Efforts will be taken to imbibe the culture and elements of the state in the way the club operates and stick to our theme, Dream, Believe and Achieve.


With us you can dream of becoming a professional Footballer and join us in our journey as we make your dreams come true.


We along with you believe that we can together grow this beautiful game and help you become the best version of yourself in the sport.


With right training, right facilities and right mindset we will help you achieve your dreams at the highest level so that you don’t have to look back again.